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The sudden and untimely demise of Sunita Chaudhary was a great emotional shock to us because she was the “backbone” not only for our family members, but also for our organization “Gramin Mahila Utthan Kendra (Rural Women Development Center-RWDC) as she had played a crucial role in nurturing this organization as one its founding members since its inception days.

Sunita Chaudhary left for us just around three years old son to look after. We took Sunita’s child as an embodiment of Sunita and the very concept of supporting the children of marginalized communities who are deprived of motherly love, care and education was conceived in our mind immediately.

Then, we discussed and shared our concept among our family members as well as with our well wishers and finally we arrived at a conclusion to establish Sunita Trust Foundation which will fulfill the dreams of Sunita in committing itself to contributing to educational needs of deprived children up to higher secondary school.

Now, we are in our early phase of inception period. We are undertaking surveys at some public schools to identify the deprived children. Once we get the exact data about the deprived children in schools, we will plan how many children we can support immediately through Sunita Trust Foundation.

Our main motto is to extend our support to those children studying in primary, middle, high school or higher secondary schools who are deprived of basic educational materials and are not in a position to pay their school fees.

If we get donors to support our project activities, we might include project activities such as reconstruction of school premises and buildings in future.

We look forward to receive financial supports and grants from potential donors in fulfillment of cherished dreams of Sunita Chaudhary.

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